Mission Statement

We at Razor Chassis want to welcome you to our website.  We have one goal in the sport of Modified racing and that is to build a Fast, Safe, Quality race car.  We aren’t in business to have the fanciest showroom, nor build the most cars in one year.  Rather, we wish to build a quality racecar that does one thing, GO FAST.  With a small workforce, we strive to build every car to perfection.  We guarantee the welds look great, the aluminum has great detail, and the car receives the “extra attention” that it deserves.  Not only do we build a great race car, but we strive to give the tech support that you deserve.  We at Razor chassis understand that our advice and support makes these cars go fast.  We want you to purchase a car from Razor chassis and feel like you get the best quality car on the market, the best tech support, and the safest car as well.  We have very accomplished drivers that win in Razor chassis.  From the Supernationals Champion in the sportmod division (Harvey Vandeweerd), to the IMCA Modified Rookie of the year (Mike Hansen), and the legendary late model driver (Kyle Berck) we have some of the best feedback on the market.  We take every bit of information and put it right back into the customers and owners of RAZOR Chassis!  Take the time to view our car, and if you want the individual attention and to feel part of the “TEAM” give us a call and we will guarantee our service, and our support will put you in victory lane.

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